Our Services

We provide several health care services to you while you are at home, ensuring comfort and outstanding performance, from nursing, physiotherapy and laboratory tests.

How to order from laancare ?

Choose your health care service

LaanCare provides variety of home care medical services that meets all your needs. Choose the service you need and we are ready to serve you.

Set your location

This will enable us to reach you faster

Select the service and Specialist

Choose the type of specialist that suits you, whether male or female, and rest assured that we will be taking all our preventive measures and meet all your requests

Find you results in the App

You will find all your results in the app easily by going to your order page with the ability to share it with your family doctor.

Our medical consultations

Consult your doctor easily and fast in the way that suites you, text chat or video call, with high privacy and confidentiality.
Avoid hospital waiting and infection possibility
and get your prescription and medical report easily with one click.

Benefits of LaanCare

  • Variety
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Confidential

Physiotherapy Services

Get all physiotherapy services at home. Our physiotherapy team in LaanCare is ready to come at the right time for you to provide the service.

Physiotherapy service helps:

  • Neurological diseases
  • chronic diseases
  • Elders
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  • Neurosis rehabilitation
  • Reduce different physical pains
  • Facilitate patient mobility

Home nursing services

Ensuring the patient’s comfort and full healthcare service at home is one of our most important goals, as it is one of the most helpful things for the patient to recover quickly, that is why we are introducing the home nursing service.

LaanCare nurse will be your health partner step by step to provide the following services:

  • Ventilator
  • Diabetics follow up
  • catheter care
  • Wound dressings
  • Endotracheal tube care
  • bed sores caring
  • Electrocardiography and injection
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Lab and
covid-19 Tests

With us, you will avoid long ques in the labs to conduct tests and wait for its results
You can request tests service and we will be with you at the time and place that suits you. Results will reach you in the app with complete privacy and confidentiality, with the ability to be explained by your doctor.

Vitamin IV Drip

We prepare vitamin IV drip according to your request and deliver them to you as soon as possible. Our solutions help you in

  • Increase moistening
  • Immunity boost
  • Restore fitness
  • Energy recharge
  • Cold and flu
  • Aging fight
  • Reduce Migraines
  • Vitamin-C boost